Proton Reader is a not-for-profit speculative science fiction semiprozine made with ❤️ in northern California.

Our mission is to lift emerging voices, perspectives, and expressions in sci-fi & speculative fiction. Our founders are neurodivergent, queer, and happily married; we are especially excited to provide a publishing space for other ND writers from all walks of life.

Submission Guidelines

We are currently closed for submissions. Thanks to everyone who submitted for a great first round at Submission Bee!

See our submission guidelines here:

Submission Bee is a brand new system, and like all new systems there may be some quirks. If you have tried twice to send a story through the submission form and it hasn't worked, email it to me directly at with the title "[submission] - Your Story Name" along with any error you may have received. 

🐝 Submission Bee