Proton Reader is a not-for-profit speculative science fiction semiprozine made with ❤️ in northern California.

Our mission is to lift emerging voices, perspectives, and expressions in sci-fi & speculative fiction. Our founders are neurodivergent, queer, and happily married; we are especially excited to provide a publishing space for other ND writers from all walks of life.

Submission Guidelines

We are currently accepting submissions for speculative science fiction stories under 10,000 words. 

See our submission guidelines here:

Submission Bee is a brand new system, and like all new systems there may be some quirks. If you have tried twice to send a story through the submission form and it hasn't worked, email it to me directly at with the title "[submission] - Your Story Name" along with any error you may have received. 

Submission Form

Accepted formats: .doc, .docx

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